Kucoin Review

Kucoin Review

Kucoin is one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a decent amount of trading pairs and has a similar style to Binance. Binance (review), Bittrex (review), and Cryptopia are Kucoin’s largest competitors.

Kucoin Features:

  • High Amount of Unique Trading Pairs
  • Mobile App
  • Low Fees
  • Good Customer Support
  • Kucoin Shares
  • Contests and Affiliate Program

Kucoin’s Fees

Kucoin charges .1% fees on its transactions. Half of these fees are given to Kucoin Shares holders. KuCoin Shares are a cryptocurrency that is able to be purchased on Kucoin and are also used on certain trading pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, and Dash.

Kucoin’s trading fees can be reduced by up to 30% by holding the exchanges native coin.

Kucoin’s fees are decent compared to its competition. Binance, the leading altcoin exchange charges between .05%-.1% fees, Bittrex charges .25% fees, and Cryptopia charges .2%.

Kucoin’s Withdrawal Fees

In terms of withdrawal fees, Kucoin is right in the middle of the pack. More coins withdrawal fees can be found on their website. Neo has a free withdrawal on Kucoin and other exchanges because it is indivisible. If you plan to move Neo off the exchange, it must be a whole number.

Their Bitcoin fees are near double Binance’s withdrawal fee, but it is still somewhat low around $6.

Kucoin Trading Interface

Kucoin’s trading interface is very nice looking compared to some of their competitors. It is clear that this was a priority of the exchange. Although Kucoin trading pairs are not on the Tradingview website, the Kucoin website implements them.

In addition to a price chart, the trading interface also includes buy/sell order depth chart and a collapsing order book that can be sorted by decimals. In the bottom right you can enter limit and market orders.

The navigation for wallets and trading pairs are also pretty clean too.

Kucoin Verification

Kucoin requires very little information in order to create an account. For the lowest verification tier, you only need to provide your email address and a password. For extra security, accounts can add security questions, two-factor authentication and more.

Kucoin’s Trading Pairs

Kucoin Pairings

Kucoin has a large variety of trading pairs with 5 main pairings. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Tether, and Kucoin Shares. BCash was recently removed because it has low volume and is a scam. Kucoin Shares, USDT and Neo don’t have as many options as BTC and ETH due to low volume.

Kucoin pairs

Kucoin’s Security and Reliability

Kucoin has had no major issues or hacks so far. There have been several events that have given Kucoin bad press such as a failed exchanged listing or Kucoin’s implosion, but so far nothing has happened. I would not recommend keeping too many funds on the exchange although I wouldn’t leave a lot of cryptocurrency on an exchange anyways.

One of the largest issues with Kucoin is their translators and poor English. Some of their announcements and posts are a bit hard to read like this one:

This doesn’t directly affect your trading or wallets but is certainly annoying.

Kucoin Invitation Bonus and Affiliate Program

Another major issue people have with Kucoin is their removal of the invitation bonus. In the Kucoin whitepaper, the exchange says how x% of the total exchanges fees go back to users who invited their friends. One day, Kucoin decided to completely remove this bonus and referral program which caused several users to be upset.

The fact that the exchange can remove such an important part of the whitepaper on demand is not a good sign. This is the whole reason Kucoin decided to call themselves the “People’s Exchange.”

Kucoin Competitions and Events

Kucoin holds events and competitions occasionally to increase user participation. An example of one is the ACT trading competition. Users with the highest trading volume on the ACT pairing are awarded Bitcoin. Here’s how the rewards are given out:

Kucoin Trading Competition

Kucoin CEO and Team

Kucoin’s CEO is Michael Gan, who isn’t very active in the community.  The rest of the team is hidden, as Kucoin has recently removed its team members listed on its website. This is the picture that used to be on their team page.

Kucoin Team

I can’t really think of a reason why the team would be removed from the site. This is one of the weird behaviors done by Kucoin.

Kucoin App

Kucoin does not have their app on the IOS App store or Google Play Store, but it can still be downloaded here. Download at your own risk.


Overall Kucoin gets the job done. If you need a coin and it is listed on Kucoin you will be able to trade for it. Some of the ways Kucoin conducts their exchange causes users to be wary. Most likely there will be no issues using Kucoin, but you can never be too safe in cryptocurrency.

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