How It Works

  • New listings are submitted through our seller portal to be reviewed, verified, and edited by BitPremier. If approved, the item is posted to our new listings. Posting an item for listing is free.
  • Potential buyers can contact the seller of an item or indicate a bid on an item by using the “Submit Anonymous Interest” link on the item.
  • BitPremier acts as the intermediary in the transaction. Both parties remain anonymous until the terms of the transaction are finalized.
  • Once transaction terms are finalized between buyer and seller, the buyer will receive a unique Bitcoin escrow account address from BitPremier.
  • BitPremier will hold the bitcoins in escrow* until the buyer confirms delivery of the item and the carrier reports the item as delivered. When both parties confirm a final transaction has been completed, BitPremier releases bitcoins from escrow and sends them to the seller.
  • BitPremier’s transaction fee of 5.0% is deducted from the sale proceeds before they are sent to the seller.
  • Seller can elect to receive proceeds in either bitcoins or USD, the latter of which BitPremier can expedite through a licensed exchange.
  • BTC prices set by TradeBlock XBX

Benefits of Using BitPremier

  • Access to unique, high-end opportunities in the Bitcoin marketplace.
  • BitPremier acts as intermediary, vetting potential buyers and screening through our AML/KYC program, while keeping both parties anonymous until a transaction is near completion.
  • BitPremier offers escrow services* that secure payment on an item until both parties have signed off on the transaction. Bitcoins in escrow are held in cold storage and in a bank vault until funds are ready to be released. Your funds are always secure and never held online.
  • Promotion of your listings on BitPremier, our email newsletter, and through social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others.
  • BitPremier reviews listings and works hard to validate sellers and item ownership before listing.

To uphold BitPremier’s mission to provide buyers with a unique, high-end experience, we have certain criteria in place for listings submitted to us. Click here for our listing criteria.

* Due to the complexity in real estate laws that vary by jurisdiction, please consult with us before submitting a real estate listing.