How to Buy Ethereum

Ethereum has been shadowing Bitcoin as the #2 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap for a while now. Due to its popularity, it has gained access to nearly every cryptocurrency exchange, including fiat exchanges like Coinbase.

If you do not have a way of storing your purchased Ethereum, it is recommended that you check out our Ethereum wallets guide.

Ethereum is one of the simplest cryptocurrencies to buy because of its fiat pairs. Fiat pairs are when something is able to be purchased directly with dollars, Euros, or other government-backed currencies.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining Ethereum! Here are some of the most popular Ethereum exchanges, and their pros and cons.


Buy Ethereum On Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges in terms of volume and accounts created. It sells cryptocurrency including Ethereum to all US States, most European countries, and a few other places.

Coinbase charges 1.49% fees on Ethereum purchases when a bank wire or bank transfer is used. There is a delivery time of around 5 days when using a bank transfer, but this isn’t a huge issue because the price you purchase at is locked in. If you want instant delivery, you could use a debit or credit card. This has fees of around 3.99% and lower purchasing limits.


Buy Ethereum on Coinmama

Coinmama is an Israeli based exchange that sells cryptocurrency with debit and credit payment options. They have a different interface than most exchanges as they give you the option to buy different packages.

These packages give guaranteed rates that update often. If you want to buy a different amount than one of the packages, you can create your own rate package at the bottom.

Coinmama has purchasing limits of up to $5,000 when using a credit or debit card. Expect 5.5% fees from Coinmama when purchasing. Coinmama has never been hacked and is extremely trustworthy.


Bitpanda Review

Bitpanda is a great exchange with competitive fees but has one issue. It is only available for users in Europe. If your country is supported then this may be the exchange for you. Bitpanda has one of the largest varieties of cryptocurrencies and payment options. They allow SEPA transfers, SOFORT trasfers, credit, debit, and more.

Bitpanda’s fees on credit and debit purchases are between 3-4% and around 2% on bank transfers. Their limits are pretty good and increase the higher the level of verification you have on your account.


GDAX is an exchange owned by Coinbase, that might be a bit difficult to use for beginners. GDAX and Coinbase accounts can be linked to allow instant deposits and withdrawals between the two. If you can learn how to use GDAX it might be your best option, as limit orders have 0% fees.


Gemini Review

Gemini is another high trading volume cryptocurrency exchanged based in the United States. Gemini sells Bitcoin and Ethereum with fiat pairings. Gemini has a somewhat lengthy verification process but is also one of the best exchanges to buy Ethereum on. Its order book can be confusing for beginners, which is the main reason it is not recommended higher.

Gemini has extremely low bank purchase fees at .49%. They use a credit system meaning funds are immediately granted when the order is entered on the website. This is great for locking in prices on a dip or right before a big move. You will not be charged until several days later. You may not transfer any coins off of the exchange until the funds are taken from your bank account.

More on Ethereum

Whether you are purchasing Ethereum to send to a secondary exchange or holding it long term, it is a great choice. Ethereum is a platform for decentralized apps, and as more and more apps run on it, the price should only increase!

To learn more about Ethereum, check out the official Ethereum source code, and whitepaper.