How to Buy Tron

What is Tron?

Tron is a cryptocurrency project aiming to be a decentralized content sharing platform. Tronix is the currency used to interact with the platform. Although Tron’s main net is not currently out, that has not stopped speculators from purchasing the currency.

Whether you are purchasing the currency in hopes of a price increase or want to collect some tokens to use on the platform, you have come to the right place. This guide will teach you how to buy and store Tron.

Where to Buy Tron

Tron is sold on the following exchanges:

Binance and Bittrex are crypto to crypto exchanges, meaning that to buy Tron, you need to exchange it for Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are unsure on how to obtain Bitcoin or Ethereum, check out our guides.

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be purchased on exchanges like Coinbase and Coinmama.

If you own either of these currencies already, keep reading to learn how to buy Tron.

Buying Tron on Binance

Before you can Buy Tron on Binance, you will need to create an account on the exchange. Binance is a great exchange to have an account on as it has the lowest fees out of all exchanges, and has fantastic security.

After signup, locate the deposit addresses for Bitcoin or Ethereum. This can be found by going to the navigation bar, mousing over funds and clicking deposits. Type the name of the currency that you are depositing and its deposit address will be revealed. Copy the address of the currency you purchased in the earlier step.

How to Buy Tron on Binance

We are going to use this address in the next step to send our Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance.

Sending from Coinbase

In this example, I will be demonstrating how to send from Coinbase, but this should be pretty similar when sending from a different exchange or wallet.

Go to Coinbase and click the accounts tab, from here you can send cryptocurrency from Coinbases wallet. Paste the address we found in the earlier step and click confirm. In a few minutes, usually between 20-30, your cryptocurrency will arrive to Binance.

Buying Tron On Binance

Once your currency arrives to Binance, you will want to go to either the BTC/TRX or ETH/TRX trading pair, depending on what currency you initially purchased or owned. To locate these pages go to the main page on Binance and click the ETH or BTC tab and then fund TRX.

Once you find your pairing, you should come to a page like this:

How to Buy Tron on Binance

From here, you can enter a limit or market order on the bottom middle of the page. Market orders allow you to buy any amount of currency at the going rate. Limit orders let you specify conditions and will only execute when the conditions are met.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, it may be best to just do a market order.

After your order has been filled, you have successfully purchased Tron! It is not recommended to keep Tron on an exchange, so learn about Tron wallets here.

How to Buy Tron with Debit and Credit Cards

Tron cannot be directly purchased with credit and debit cards. First, you should buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with a credit or debit card on an exchange like Coinbase, and then you can send the Bitcoin or Ethereum to an exchange that sells Tron like Binance.

How to Buy Tron with a Bank Transfer or Wire

In order to buy Tron with a bank transfer or wire, you need to first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on a fiat exchange using your bank account. This can be done on an exchange like Coinbase. Once the purchased currency arrives to your wallet, you can then send it to an exchange discussed above such as Binance.

How to Buy Tron with Paypal

Tron can be purchased with Paypal, but it requires you to buy Bitcoin on the exchange Virwox first with Paypal balance. Read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency with Paypal. Afterward, you can send the purchased Bitcoin to an exchange listed above like Binance.

How to Buy Tron with Skrill and Neteller

Before you can buy Tron, you need to first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be purchased with Skrill and Neteller on Bitpanda and Coincorner. After purchasing either of those currencies, send them to an exchange that sells Tron like Binance.