How to Buy Stellar Lumens

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the Stellar Project, and take you through the process of buying the Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Stellar plans to interconnect people, payments systems, and banks. By using the Stellar platform, users can move money at near instant speed for fractions of a penny.

Where to Buy Stellar Lumens

Lumens are obtainable for Bitcoin and Ethereum on a few crypto to crypto exchanges. Here are three that we recommend:

These listed exchanges are all limited to cryptocurrency, so we are unable to directly buy Stellar Lumens with US dollars or euros.

We must first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on a fiat exchange like Coinbase or Coinmama.

If you want more information on purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum, check out our guides on purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you already own these currencies or know the process, keep reading to learn how to buy Stellar Lumens!

How to Buy Stellar Lumens on Binance

Create an account on Binance, once of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume and trading pairs.


Once on the Binance deposits page, type ETH or BTC depending on the currency you initially purchased. You should see something like this:

How to Buy Steem on Binance

Click the “Copy Address” button because we will need this deposit address in the next step where we are sending a balance over to Binance.

Sending from Coinbase

Most of you will have your Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase, so I will show the process of sending from Coinbase to Binance. If your funds are elsewhere, the process should be very similar.

Click the accounts tab, and then press Send on the cryptocurrency you are sending. It should look like this:

Paste the address into the recipient’s field, and select the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum you want to send to Binance.

Click confirm and wait for your cryptocurrency to arrive to Binance!

After the currency arrives to Binance, locate the page for the correct trading pair. To find this go to the main page of Binance and click either BTC/XLM or ETH/XLM. Use the search bar if you don’t see the pairing right away.

XLM is Stellar Lumens trading tag.

Binance Review Once on the correct trading pair, you should see something like this:

How to Buy Stellar Lumens

Go to this section where you enter your order/trade. You have two options:

A limit order, you choose the price, and the order executes when someone sells into your price.

A market order, which automatically buys an amount at the going rate.

After your order has been filled, you have successfully purchased Stellar Lumens!

How to Buy Stellar Lumens on Bittrex

In order to purchase Stellar Lumens, you will need to have an account on Bittrex. Bittrex has higher fees than Binance at .25% but is an option.

After making your account, click the wallets tab on the navigation bar.

Bittrex Navigation Bar

On this screen, you will be shown deposit addresses for all the cryptocurrencies on Bittrex. If you are sending Bitcoin to Bittrex then find your Bittrex Bitcoin deposit address. Do the same if you are sending Ethereum.

Type BTC or ETH in the search bar to get the right currency to show up.

To find these addresses, click the green circle with the downward arrow. 

After you have clicked the deposit button, your deposit address of the selected currency will be shown. Click the copy button to copy your address, which we will need for the next step.

Sending from Coinbase

Most viewers will have purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase, but in the event you have the cryptocurrency elsewhere this process will be almost identical.

Once on Coinbase, click the accounts tab and press send on the currency you initially purchased.

Paste the address we found in the earlier step into the recipients box. Click confirm and wait for your Bitcoin or Ethereum to arrive to Bittrex!

Once your cryptocurrency arrives to Bittrex, you will want to go to the corresponding pairing of your currency. Here are links to Bittrex Bitcoin and Ethereum Stellar Lumens pairs.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens with Credit or Debit Card

As stated above, Stellar Lumens is sold on Binance, Changelly, and Bittrex. These exchanges allow cryptocurrencies to be exchanged with each other, not with dollars or euros. This means that in order to buy Stellar Lumens with a credit or debit card, you must first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on a fiat exchange like Coinbase, and then send the currency to an exchange like Binance where Lumens are sold.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens with a Bank Transfer or Wire

To get Stellar Lumens through a bank transfer or wire, you must first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with a bank transfer or wire. This can be done on Coinbase. After, you can send the purchased currency to a crypto to crypto exchange like Binance and purchase Stellar Lumens.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens with Skrill

The best way to get Stellar Lumens using Skrill is to first get Bitcoin or Ethereum on Bitpanda. After buying Bitcoin or Ethereum on Bitpanda, send it to any exchange listed above like Binance and follow the above steps. Bitpanda is only available to European countries so make sure your country is supported.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens with Paypal

In order to buy Stellar Lumens via Paypal, we need to first purchase Bitcoin on Virwox. Virwox is an exchange that allows you to convert Paypal balance into Bitcoin. Then, we can buy Stellar Lumens on Binance like the above tutorial.

Stellar Lumens Wallets

After purchasing Stellar Lumens with one of the methods listed above, you will want to keep them on a wallet. The most secure Stellar Lumens wallet is the Ledger Nano S. Read our full review of the Ledger Nano S here.