How to Buy Electroneum

How to Buy Electroneum

If you are wondering how to buy Electroneum you came to the right place! Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that is focusing on massive world adoption in third world countries through the use of mobile mining.

Electroneum is available on Cryptopia and Kucoin, which are crypto to crypto exchanges. This means that in order to purchase Electroneum we will need to buy Bitcoin first.

If you don’t know how to buy Bitcoin, we have a guide on this process. If you already own Bitcoin or know the process, keep reading to learn how to buy Electroneum!

Buying Electroneum

Start off by creating an account on Cryptopia. Cryptopia is a popular exchange that has a wide variety of low to medium market cap cryptocurrencies. Having a Cryptopia account will be useful in the future to buy some hidden gems like Electroneum.

After creating an account, you will need to send Bitcoin to Cryptopia. Cryptopia does not use Ethereum pairings which is why you need to use Bitcoin for this.

To send Bitcoin to Cryptopia, we need to locate our Bitcoin deposit addresses on the exchange. This can be found by logging in and going to the navigation bar, mousing over the Bitcoin “B” and clicking deposits.

After clicking deposits, you will be taken to a page like this:

Buy Electroneum on Cryptopia

Click next, to be taken to this screen.

This is my deposit address, but copy yours which we will need to have for the next step where we are sending Bitcoin to this address.

Sending Bitcoin to Cryptopia

This guide will show you how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase, but this process should be very similar if you are sending from a different exchange or wallet.

Go to Coinbase and click the accounts tab on the navigation bar. From here, click send on Bitcoin and you will be prompted for an address.

Click continue and then confirm, afterward your Bitcoin will be on its way to Cryptopia!

Buying Electroneum on Cryptopia

After your Bitcoin arrives to Cryptopia, go to the BTC/ETN trading pair. This can be found by going to the Cryptopia main page, clicking exchange and then searching ETN in the search bar. Click ETN.

From here, you will see a page similar to this:

How to Place an Order to Buy Electroneum

In the box that says Buy ETN, enter the amount and price per ETN that you would like to buy for. To get a good idea of a fair price, look at the chart for historical price action, or the order book for the current orders. To have your order go through, buy the highest sell order or place your order at the top of the buy orders.

After your order is filled, you have successfully purchased Electroneum! I would not recommend keeping Electroneum on an exchange as if the exchange were to be hacked, your coins could be stolen. You can never be too careful with cryptocurrency!

Electroneum can be stored in the official Electroneum wallet.

How Do I Buy Electroneum with Credit or Debit Card

Electroneum is only sold on Cryptopia and Kucoin. These exchanges only have cryptocurrency on them so, in order to buy Electroneum with credit or debit card, you must first purchase Bitcoin from an exchange like Coinbase, and then send it to Cryptopia or Kucoin where Electroneum is sold.

How Do I Buy Electroneum with a Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer

In order to buy Electroneum with a bank transfer or wire transfer, you must first purchase Bitcoin with a bank or wire transfer from an exchange like Coinbase, and then send it to Cryptopia where Electroneum is sold.

How Do I Buy Electroneum with Paypal?

Buying Electroneum with Paypal is somewhat tricky but can definitely be done. You need to first use Paypal to buy Bitcoin using Virwox (read our guide on this conversion) and then send the purchased Bitcoin to Cryptopia where Electroneum is sold for Bitcoin.

How Do I Buy Electroneum with Skrill?

In order to buy Electroneum with Skrill you need to first purchase Bitcoin on Bitpanda with Skrill. Afterward, you can send the Bitcoin to Cryptopia where Electroneum is sold.