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Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

Dogecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digital currency.

Dogecoin is used with a wallet on your computer, your smartphone, or a website.
You can use it to buy goods and services, or trade it for other currencies (both other cryptocurrencies or traditional currency like US dollars).

Dogecoin is also obtainable for Bitcoin and Ether via some main exchanges. They include:

• Shapeshift
• Poloniex
• Bittrex
• Changelly

At all the above exchanges it’s required you own Bitcoin or Ether FIRST so you can convert them into DOGE.

The easiest places to buy Bitcoins are:

• Coinbase

Buying Dogecoin on Shapeshift or Changelly

Shapeshift and Changelly are presently the simplest method to purchase Dogecoin. By following these steps, the transaction can be made.

– First of all, the user must own Bitcoin, which is purchasable via sellers like Coinbase and Circle. Bitcoin can also be easily acquired from exchanges such as Huobi, BTC-E, or Bitstamp. There are also several other techniques and ways to purchase Bitcoin. Possibly the easiest method is via either Coinbase or Coinhako. Once the user has bought some amount of bitcoin, he or she is prepared to purchase Dogecoin.

Buying Bitcoin is straightforward just like the registration process for it which requires information such as the user’s name; email ID, along with an authentication of the user’s identity (for example, copies of the user’s birth certificate, license, etc.). As soon as an account is formed and confirmed, the user will be required to complement the existing information with a source of funding, for example, a bank account or a credit card.

Once this is done, and the account is completely set up, money can be transferred from the funding source in order for the user to purchase Bitcoin.

– After acquiring an address, the user has to visit Shapeshift or Changelly in order to label Bitcoin as the Deposit currency. The deposits will be made in Bitcoin and Dogecoin will be the Receive currency, that is, the user will receive payments in Dogecoin.

– Then, the user must paste a Bitcoin return address (in the event the user’s transaction to Dogecoin is not successful and his or her Bitcoin is required to be sent back).

– Lastly, the user needs to send his or her Bitcoin to the deposit address provided by Shapeshift or Changelly. Subsequently, the deal is processed and the funds are sent making this the last step, and the user an owner of Dogecoin.

Buying Dogecoin on Poloniex

Although it is a widely used method, there are a few disadvantages with the Shapeshift process, especially the fact that the exchange rate is very poor. So, for users, choosing to send Bitcoin directly from Coinbase to Poloniex is a great option. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

– Start by creation of an account at Poloniex. This is a basic process which involves the user just sharing standard information like name and email ID. Unlike Coinbase, this platform abstains from touching government currency so the registration procedure is much more hassle-free.

– Then, the user needs to visit the Poloniex “Balances, Deposits & Withdrawals” page which is accessible from the button titled, ‘Account’, available on the top right menu.

– After that, the user needs to click on the “Deposit” link from BTC in order for him or her to obtain the BTC address. With just one click, the user’s funds should be on its way to Poloniex. It might take some amount of time, possibly more than 15 minutes, for the Bitcoin transfer to achieve completion.

– Once completed, the user needs to go to Poloniex’s BTC-DOGE exchange page. Here the user will be able to view a historical and graphical display of Dogecoin’s fluctuating prices.

In order to trade Bitcoin (BTC) for Dogecoin (DOGE), the user needs to:

– Click on the highlighted number situated beside the option entitled “You have”. This will set the user’s trade to take in his or her complete Bitcoin balance.

– Click the highlighted number situated beside the link entitled “Lowest ask”. This will set the user’s trade price to the lowermost current seller.

– Click on “Buy”.

Thus, the process of purchasing Dogecoin is complete.

Purchasing Dogecoin on Bittrex

In this guide, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide about how to buy DOGE on Bittrex. Before you can DOGE on Bittrex, you have to sign up for the exchange.

On the homepage you will see this screen:

Select the ‘Login’ option on the far right side of your screen. You will then be taken to the following Login screen:

How to do this via Coinbase:

Under ‘Accounts’, BTC can be found at the top of the four Coinbase custodial wallet options on the left hand side of your screen.

Note: The pictures in the example here of LTC, not BTC. Simply follow the same steps with BTC instead of LTC. This can also be down in LTC and changed to BTC on Brittrex. 

Select the ‘Send’ option with the paper airplane next to it. Then copy_paste your Bittrex deposit address into the BTC send field.

To find this, select the  Wallets option along the top of your screen:

You will be taken to the following ACCOUNT BALANCES page:

Next, press the blue  button in line with Bitcoin as highlighted above. A Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) box will pop up that looks like the one below:

Next, copy_paste that address into the Recipient field on Coinbase as shown below:

Helpful Tip: If you correctly copy_pasted this address into the recipient field, you will always receive the green checkmark on the left side of the recipient address box. If you do not see this checkmark, the address you put into the field does not exist, you should double check and try again.

Next, press the ‘Continue’ button. A Confirm Send box will pop up after you do.

Select Confirm. You will receive a ‘Send Complete’ message with a big green checkmark indicating that your transaction is on the way to an external address. You will receive an email from the Coinbase and Brittrex team when your BTC has been successfully transferred.

Now that you have a balance of BTC, you can use it to buy DOGE.

Along the top of your screen, you will see a “ Markets” option on the left side next to the BITTREX name, click that icon box and enter DOGE into the search field. You should see this:

Go ahead and select DOGE with your mouse. You will taken to the following page:

Scroll down until you see this Trading box below:

Your available BTC balance will be displayed in upper right hand side of the BUY DOGECOIN box. Next, press the Price option next to Bid and choose the Last, Bid, or Ask option depending on which type of buy order you would like to make as shown below:

Next, choose the amount you wish to order. For this example we are going to choose to buy 15 DOGE. If you choose the Max button, it will turn green when you do this. You can however, choose whatever amount you like. Once you enter the amount you wish to purchase, press the blue  Buy Dogecoin button.

A Limit Buy page will pop up next, it looks like this: (NOTE: Example below shows XEM, not DOGE)

Finally, once you are ready to make your purchase select the blue Confirm button option. In the upper right hand corner of you screen, you will seeing a DOGE Buy Placed, Your Buy order of (X) units of DOGE at (.000X) per unit has been placed.

To view your completed order, select the Orders option in the menu bar along the top of your screen in the upper right hand corner of your screen:

You will be taken to this page:

Your completed order will been shown here once your order has been filled.

Top 10 Exchange Volume:

More on Dogecoin

One of the most popular uses for Dogecoin is “tipping” fellow internet-goers who create or share great content. Think of it as a more meaningful “like” or upvote, with real value that can be used all across the internet.

It is very easy to start using Dogecoin.

  • Step 1: Get A Wallet.
  • Step 2: Get Some Dogecoin.
  • Step 3: Use Your Dogecoin.
  • Step 4: Stay Up-to-Date.

On December 6th, 2011 BitcoinTalk forum member Dogecoin introduced an alternative cryptocurrency based on the meme as a satire of the Bitcoin boom in a thread titled “Dogecoin – very currency – many coin – wow – v1.1 Released.”

Similar to Bitcoin and its derivatives, Dogecoin can be mined and exchanged for goods and services among the participants, though it is programmed to level out at a higher threshold of up to 100 billion coins and prevent any use of special bitcoin-mining equipment like ASICs. In comparison, Bitcoin will cap out at 21 million coins and Litecoin will support up to 84 million coins in circulation.

Get involved with Dogecoin!

There are numerous amounts of ways to get Dogecoin. You can buy them, trade for them, get tipped, “mine” them, and more. They are surprisingly endless!

You can get tipped Dogecoin by participating in our community. If that’s not your style, the easiest way to have your first Dogecoin is to get them from a faucet. A Faucet is a website which gives you a small amount of Dogecoin for free to introduce you to the currency! All you need is your Dogecoin address.

Here are a couple Dogecoin faucets:

You can also get Dogecoin by “mining” it. Mining is when you use your computer to process Dogecoin transactions by other people, and in return you get Dogecoin.

Mining is intended for advanced users only, as it requires a lot of technical knowledge to do. If you are interested, read more here.

Note: These online faucets and exchanges are not owned or maintained by Dogecoin or the Dogecoin Foundation. While we are satisfied they are trustworthy, reliable services – please use at your own risk.

And, that’s it. Now you have a bottom line background of Dogecoin, current top 10 exchange volume information, and a step-by-step guide about how to make your first Dogecoin purchase on Brittrex.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please share this guide with your friends and family. Also, please comment below with any feedback or questions you might have!