What is Dash?

Dash is a privacy-focused digital cash that aims to be used for everyday transactions. Using second layer scaling solutions such as InstantSend and Private Send, Dash is a serious competitor.

Where to Buy Dash

Dash can be purchased on several exchanges, here are the ones we recommend.

On most of these exchanges, Dash can be purchased in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum. This means, that in order to purchase Dash we need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first.

The easiest places to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum are:

• Coinbase

After owning Bitcoin or Ethereum, come back to this guide to learn how to buy Dash.

How to Buy Dash on Binance

First, make an account on Binance. Binance accounts are great to have as you will most likely buy a different coin on the exchange somewhere down the line. They have over 100 trading pairs, and extremely low fees at .05%.

After making an account, mouse over the navigation bar to where it says funds, and then click deposits. This will take you to a page that directs you to your Binance deposit address. Deposit addresses are what you use to send cryptocurrency transactions.

Type BTC or ETH in the search bar and an address similar to this will show up. Click Copy Address on yours and save it for the next step where we are sending our Bitcoin/Ethereum to Binance.

Sending from Coinbase

For most of you, your Bitcoin or Ethereum will be on Coinbase, if it isn’t these steps will be a little different. Click the accounts tab on the navigation bar, and then click Send on the cryptocurrency you want to send to Binance.

Paste the address we found earlier in the recipients field and click confirm! Your cryptocurrency will arrive on Binance in 10-20 minutes.

Making a Dash buy order on Binance

After your cryptocurrency arrives to Binance, you now have a balance to purchase Dash with. To buy Dash, we need to go the correct Dash trading pair. For example, if you sent Bitcoin to Binance, you will want to locate the Binance DASH/BTC trading page.

To find these, go to the main page of Binance and use the tabs and search bars to find the correct pairing.

Click DASH/xxx when you see it, and it will take you to a page similar to this:

Buying Dash on Binance

In the bottom middle of the page, you will see the spot to enter your order. You have two options here.

The first option is to create a market order. In a market order, you enter an amount of Dash you want to buy, and it will automatically buy that amount at the going rate. This is recommended for beginners. To get to this option click one tab over next to limit.

The other option is a limit order. In a limit order, you choose your price and amount. The order will only execute when someone sells into your price.

After your order has been filled, you have successfully purchased Dash on Binance.

How to Buy Dash on  Changelly

Changelly is one of the easiest methods of purchasing Dash. They allow fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, making it easy to buy in one step. It is not recommended to use fiat, however, as the fees are slightly higher.

Changelly works a bit differently than other exchanges. It never actually holds your coins. You enter what you have, and what you want, and after sending the predetermined amount to an address, you receive the chosen coin instantly.

Before you can trade on changelly, you need to make an account on Changelly. Their signup process is very quick.

There is an input and output box. Select your currency in the first box and Dash in the second.

Changelly never holds onto your cryptocurrency, so you will need a Dash wallet before transacting. We recommend the Ledger Nano S, or the official Dash wallet.

Click confirm a few times, and send the currency you choose to the given address.

Congrats, you have successfully purchased Dash on Changelly!


How to Buy Dash with Credit Card

Dash can’t be directly purchased with credit and debit card, except for the exchange Bitpanda. If you are in Europe, they are a great option. For everyone else, you must first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase, and then send the purchased cryptocurrency to Binance or Changelly.

How to Buy Dash with a Bank Transfer or Bank Wire

For those based in Europe, the exchange Bitpanda will allow you to purchase Dash with a SEPA bank transfer. If you are based elsewhere, you need to first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with your bank account on an exchange like Coinbase. After, you can send the purchased cryptocurrency to a crypto to crypto exchange like Binance.

How to Buy Dash with Skrill

The easiest way to get Dash with Skrill is on Bitpanda. They are one of the few exchanges to offer fiat Dash purchases.

How to Buy Dash with Paypal

In order to get Dash with Paypal, you need to use the exchange Virwox. Virwox lets you convert Paypal balance into Bitcoin. After purchasing Bitcoin on Virwox, you can send it to Binance and purchase Dash!

How to Buy Dash with Cash and USD

Unless you know someone in specific selling Dash for cash, you would need to use a service like LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin. After, you can send the purchased Bitcoin to Binance and buy Dash like the above tutorial.