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Austin Jacob • March 9th, 2020

Buy Bitcoin in Germany

Buying Bitcoin in Germany is actually pretty straightforward.

Depending on your preferred payment method, you’ll have a few different options. For most of you, look no further than Coinbase.

Want to take a look at some other options?

Keep reading, as we’ll cover all the best options for purchasing Bitcoin in Germany.


Best Exchanges Coinbase

Topping many lists is the San Francisco based Coinbase. It’s no surprise Coinbase is rated this highly as it features fair fees, a self-explanatory UI and many more features.

If you’d like to use a credit or debit card to order Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, expect 3.99% fees. This can be lowered to 1.49% when a bank account is used.

Coinbase’s buying limits are decent with a limit of around 22,500 Euros. Expect fewer limits if a card is used.

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Luno Exchange Review

Luno’s a European exchange that serves Germany and several other countries. Their user interface isn’t as straightforward as Coinbase’s but can still be navigated with relative ease.

The exchange features wallets for users to use and some of the lowest fees out there. The reason why Luno’s cheaper than some other options is that you’re purchasing Bitcoin from other traders, rather than a brokerage.

In order to deposit funds into the exchange, you’ll want to do a SEPA transfer. This deposit will incur 0 fees,

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Bitpanda is a European brokerage that offers a variety of cryptocurrencies. They’re pretty similar to Coinbase and feature extremely competitive fees for a brokerage.

Bitpanda offers an extremely wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Besides the obvious card and bank options, they also support:

  • Sofort
  • OBT
  • Skrill
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • Netteller

The brokerage features a custodial wallet, but this should only be used to store small amounts of cryptocurrency. It’s generally best practice to store Bitcoin in your own wallet.

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Cexio Exchange Review is another possible option and offers a variety of deposit methods.

In terms of fees, they’re ranked towards the bottom with sneaky premiums on the price. To start off, there’s a fee upon credit card deposits but none on bank deposits. After funds are on the exchange, the price per Bitcoin will likely be 7% higher than other exchanges.

Other than the high premium, the exchange works great. We recommend if none of the other options are working for you.


Buy Bitcoin In Germany With Cash

Buying Bitcoin in Germany with cash can be done in a few ways. The most popular one is the peer to peer service known as LocalBitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin In Germany Instantly

Of all the options mentioned above, the ones that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin instantly will be brokerages. This means Coinbase, Bitpanda,, and Coinmama.

Bitcoin ATMs In Germany

According to CoinRadar, there are several options for Bitcoin ATMs in the country. Cities with Bitcoin ATMs include Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Munich, and more.


Now that you have an idea for the best Bitcoin exchange in Germany, you should be able to pick the one that fits your needs the best.

For most readers, Coinbase will be the go-to due to its well-know reputation, safety, and fair fees.

If you’d like to use a person to person exchange, Luno is likely your best option.

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