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Buy Bitcoin In France

Bonjour friends from France!

You’re here because you want to buy Bitcoin in France. We’ve got you covered.

Bitcoin’s been out of the headlines in France for most of 2020, likely due to world events such as the Corona Virus. In March, the French government ruled Bitcoin as a “money”, and therefore regulated in a similar way.

There are several exchanges to choose from in France and the rest of the European Union. Luckily, we’ve created this guide to help you sort through all of the options.

Some of the best options for France to purchase Bitcoin are:


  Fees Established Countries  
  5.9% 2013 Nearly All  
  Fees Established Countries  
  .16%-.26% 2011 Most  

Best Bitcoin Exchanges France

Bitcoin ATMs

To learn more about Bitcoin ATMs, check out this map. According to CoinATMRadar, France has 7 Bitcoin ATMs, with 5 being in Paris, and 2 in Nice.

Bitcoin ATM

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is Bitcoin use in France?

Two great fundamental analysis indicators we can use are Bitcoin trends volume as well as LocalBitcoins trading volume.

According to Google Trends search data, the search behavior for Bitcoin in France is pretty consistent with price spikes.

Bitcoin Trends France

Do you pay tax on cryptocurrency gains in France?

Read this guide to learn more about cryptocurrency tax law in France. For some information about cryptocurrency tax software, check out our roundup review. There’s a pending amendment that will subject cryptocurrency gains to be taxed via capital gains, which is actually a step down from its current bracket. This will lead to a 6.2% reduction in tax! Not bad.

Is Bitcoin legal in France?

Bitcoin is definitely legal in France. In a March 2020 ruling, the French government ruled Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to be regulated in the same manner as foreign currencies. This is pretty consistent with other European countries such as Italy.


France has taken a similar stance to many other countries. Bitcoin is here to stay. To recap the best options for buying Bitcoin, we recommend:

Some of the best options for France to purchase Bitcoin are:


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