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Austin Jacob None • May 20th, 2020

Buy Bitcoin In France

So you want to buy Bitcoin in France?

Lucky for you, it’s a pretty simple process nowadays. We recommend using Coinbase, as it’s trusted by people around the world to purchase Bitcoin with cards and bank transfers.

Here to learn about some other options and payment methods?

Keep reading, we’ll get to those too.


Best Exchanges Coinbase

Coinbase is number one on almost all of our lists. They do pretty much everything right when it comes to allowing beginners to purchase Bitcoin easily.

As with anything that’s convenient, you’ll also pay a bit of an extra fee for it. On a Coinbase credit or debit card purchase, you’ll pay 3.99%. A bank account is a lot cheaper, at 1.49%.

There are pros and cons for every method, but for the most part bank accounts are the best option.

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Luno Exchange Review

Luno is the first true exchange we’ve mentioned on this guide. Rather than purchase from a brokerage, Luno features an exchange with an orderbook allowing you to purchase from other traders at a slightly lower price.

Visit Luno


Coinmama Review

Coinmama is another well-known brokerage serving countries all around the world. Their checkout process is really straightforward offering different packages of Bitcoin.

In terms of fees, Coinmama’s are somewhat high at 5.5%. To make up for this, they do have pretty quick delivery and high purchasing limits depending on the level of your accounts = verification.

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Bitpanda functions similarly to Europe and is an Austria based company. In addition to Bitcoin, they offer the most altcoins compared to any option on the list.

They also have a mobile app if thats your thing.

In terms of processing fees on Bitcoin buys and sells, Bitpanda is towards the top of the pack of brokerages at 1.49%.

Visit Bitpanda


LocalBitcoins is the only peer to peer exchange we mention on this list, and they specialize in cash transactions. Upon entering a payment method, location, and a few other fields, offers from popular sales will appear ordered by price per BTC.

LocalBitcoins is likely the best cash option you’ll find. Avoid credit card and PayPal transactions on LocalBitcoins as they aren’t very reliable.

Visit LocalBitcoins

Cexio Exchange Review is a London based exchange that’s been serving cryptocurrency customers since 2013. They’re an exchange and a brokerage similar to Coinbase & Coinbase Pro.

Want Bitcoins fast and easy? Use their brokerage. Want to use order books and order from another trader? Use their exchange. has little to no actual fees, but their brokerage does feature a pretty big premium at all times of around 7%. Their exchange is probably your best option if other options above don’t work for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash In France

If you want to purchase Bitcoin with cash in France, LocalBitcoins and Bitcoin ATMs are a really great option. You’ll pay a slight privacy premium, but it’s worth it if this is one of the only options available for you to purchase Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs in France

If you’d like to purchase Bitcoin at an ATM, Coinradar will be your best bet. At the time of this writing, there are several options available.

Find an ATM close to you and you’re good to go. Remember that the fees associated with Bitcoin ATMs are often higher, as they offer much higher levels of privacy.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly In France

We get it. You want to go fast. Pretty much any brokerage will allow you to purchase Bitcoin instantly with a credit or debit card provided you’re identity and account is verified.


As you can see, there’s plenty of great options for purchasing Bitcoin in France. If you want Bitcoin’s fast and are thinking of paying with a card, Coinbase is the best option.

To save a bit on fees, and use a bank account, you’ll want to look more into Luno.

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