Buy Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin that focuses on ASIC resistance. ASIC’s are application specific integrated circuits and allow you to get massive amounts of hashing power over graphics cards.

If you are interested in buying Bitcoin Gold, you will need to own Bitcoin or Ethereum first. After owning one of these two currencies you can send them to Binance or Bittrex, where Bitcoin Gold is sold.

If you need help purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum, check out our guides on buying Bitcoin and buying Ethereum.

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold on Binance

Start off by creating an account on Binance. Binance is one of the most popular exchanges and has the lowest fees out there out of any cryptocurrency exchange at .05%.

After signing up to Binance, you will need to locate your deposit address for Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are buying Bitcoin Gold with Ethereum, then you will need to locate your Ethereum deposit address on Binance. The same goes for Bitcoin.

Finding your Binance Deposit Address

To find deposit addresses on Binance, go to the navigation bar, and mouse over funds and click deposits.

After clicking deposits, type Bitcoin or Ethereum into the search bar to find your deposit addresses.

How to Buy Monero on Binance

Copy the addresses for whatever coin you are sending which we will need in the next step.

Sending From Coinbase

If you purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase, go to the accounts tab which is where we can send cryptocurrency.

Click the send button to see a screen like this:

After clicking confirm, your cryptocurrency is on its way to Binance!

Buying Bitcoin Gold On Binance

Once your Bitcoin or Ethereum have arrived in Binance, you will want to go to the either the BTC/BTG trading pair or ETH/BTG. This will depend on what currency you sent in the earlier step.

Once on the correct trading pair, you will see a screen similar to this:

How to Buy Ripple on Binance

This is how Binance displays its trading pairs. In the bottom middle, you can enter a limit or a market order. A market order is easier and will instantly buy Bitcoin Gold at the going rate.

Limit orders require you to enter a price and amount, and will only execute when the price reaches the one you chose.

After your order has been filled you have successfully purchased Bitcoin Gold on Binance!

Buying Bitcoin Gold on Bittrex

Bittrex currently has signups down, but are placing people on a waitlist for an account. If you already have an account on Bittrex, click the wallets tab at the top of the navigation bar.

From here, you locate your Bitcoin or Ethereum deposit addresses. Copy and paste this address into Coinbase or whatever wallet you have Bitcoin or Ethereum on.

Next, go to the correct trading pair of the cryptocurrency that you would like to purchase. If you are buying Bitcoin Gold with Ethereum, go to Bittrex’s BTC/BTG trading pair. If you are purchasing Bitcoin Gold with Bitcoin, go to Bittrex’s ETH/BTG trading pair.

Once on the correct pairing, enter the amount and price per BTG and wait for your order to be filled!

Congrats, you now own Bitcoin Gold. If you are interested in learning how to store Bitcoin Gold, check out our guide on Bitcoin Gold wallets.

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold with Bank Transfer or Wire

In order to get Bitcoin Gold with a bank transfer or wire, you need to first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from a fiat exchange (Coinbase), and then send it to an exchange where Bitcoin Gold is sold like Binance.

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold with Credit and Debit Cards

To buy Bitcoin Gold via credit and debit cards, buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first using your cards. I recommend using Coinbase as they are beginner friendly and have low fees. Afterward, you can send the purchased currency to Binance where Bitcoin is sold!

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold with Paypal

This is a bit more difficult to do than some of the other methods but can definitely be done. To buy Bitcoin Gold with Paypal, you must first purchase Bitcoin with Paypal using Virwox. For a more in-depth guide on this process, read our guide. Afterward, send your purchased Bitcoin to Binance where we can buy Bitcoin Gold with Bitcoin!

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold with Skrill and Netteller

This is easier to do that buying with Paypal as the exchange Bitpanda allows Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other currencies to be purchased with Skrill and Netteller. After buying from Bitpanda, just send it to Binance or Bittrex as explained above!