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• Updated: December 14th, 2020

Let’s be honest…

Cryptocurrency is an extremely complicated and intimidating topic. It’s rapidly changing, and even the “experts” are learning something new every single day.

That’s why I decided to start the site.

Since 2017, Bitpremier’s mission is to educate people of all backgrounds about cryptocurrency. While our main focus is speeding up the process of Bitcoin mass-adoption, we do offer some informational content on other cryptocurrencies.

According to Google Analytics, we’ve reached nearly 2 million cryptocurrency supporters, from 231 countries, locations, and territories.

We provide the most informative content possible about the buying, mining, and storing of cryptocurrencies. Proven by our mentions by top sites.

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Regardless of your proficiency with technology, we want to make sure you can still have access to this groundbreaking technology. Our guides break things down to a beginner level, as we want to make sure no one is excluded.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask the Bitpremier team, please don’t hesitate to use our contact us form.

Bitpremier.com is a great source of information for those just getting into crypto. When learning about how to keep your crypto safe, Bitpremier has the industry knowledge to give honest and in depth reviews about which wallet is best for different types of users. – Jad from ShiftCrypto.ch

Meet the Bitpremier Team

Site Owner – Austin Tuwiner

Austin Jacob

My name is Austin and I run Bitpremier. I bought my first Bitcoin when I was 17 years old. Unfortunately, I was working a minimum wage job at the time and couldn’t hoard much.

I had heard about it from some family friends, as well as in video game communities I took part in. Ever since then, my obsession with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency started.

I’ve spent 5+ years in the cryptocurrency space, writing for cryptocurrency news websites like Cryptoslate, and at a few cryptocurrency startups.

I have a background in computer science, software development, and digital marketing. In addition to my tech background, I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, and bouldering.

If you’d like to reach out to me, you can on any of the following networks: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Lead Content Writer – Julian Oppedisano

Author - JulianJulian first learned about bitcoin in 2015.

After watching a documentary about an illegal Chinese bitcoin mining farm, he decided to learn more about the technology behind bitcoin.

Soon after falling down the bitcoin rabbit hole, Julian dedicated his career to promoting bitcoin. He spent 3 years working for numerous cryptocurrency startups and writing educational content online.

Julian has a background in finance from the top business university in Canada. During his leisure time, you’ll find him at the gym, selling his own perfume brand or hosting DJ live streams.

You can follow more of his work through Twitter or LinkedIn.

How Bitpremier Monetizes the Site

Monetization is a necessary part of ANY business. We would not be able to put out the high-quality information we desire without funding the site. Below, we’ll list the methods we use to monetize the site.

We do not let finances come in the way of us expressing our honest opinion. If we test and review a product and deem it to be low quality or unsafe, we’ll openly say that. Regardless of how much we’re offered.

Affiliate Commission

Some of the products or services we mention on the site reward us with the commission or similar bonuses at no extra cost to the reader. This is disclosed on every single page it occurs. Our relationship with the companies we affiliate for does not affect the placement of them on any of our content.

Display Ads

In the rare event, we decide to display an ad on the site, it will be easily recognizable and unobtrusive to the user experience. User experience and education are the most important thing to the Bitpremier team.


Bitpremier as a company holds zero cryptocurrency and does not trade financial and cryptocurrency markets. This being said, Bitpremier team members likely own positions in cryptocurrency as they are not restricted in doing so.

As stated above, Bitpremier is dedicated to speeding up Bitcoin mainstream adoption. We do not fully believe other cryptocurrencies will have the same impact on the world.

Bitpremier Editorial Policy

At Bitpremier, we see ourselves as leaders in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. It’s our job to ensure beginners get all the information they need with only facts involved. We leave opinions, finances, and conflicts of interest out of all content. There is no place for this in such a groundbreaking industry pertaining to one’s finances.

While we value reporting as up to date information as possible, we avoid knee jerk headlines and news in the event that what’s being falsely reported or proven to not be factual. Every single Bitpremier article is fact-checked by trusted resources and players in the cryptocurrency niche.

Bitpremier Advertising Policy

Advertisements are a natural part of the internet’s experience. Bitpremier takes a quality over quantity approach and doesn’t show anything that doesn’t need to be shown. In the event we work with a company it will be disclosed, and a product/service we truly stand behind.

All advertisers are deeply investigated to ensure they are not potentially harmful or untrustworthy to our valued audience.

Now that you have an idea about the Bitpremier team and how we operate, feel free to reach out by any of the following methods and a team member will answer you shortly!

Contact Details

Bitpremier Media LLC
530B Harkle Rd Ste 100
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Support Phone: 240-745-4392

Email: [email protected]

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