Private Island in Micronesia

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Pohnpei, Micronesia
“Satoshi Island”?

20-year residential lease for your own tropical paradise island.

Three acres / 1.25 hectares with white sandy beach, just a stone’s throw or 5-minute boat ride from the main island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Nobody there, the whole island just for you & your friends.

Finally you can live your dream.

Surrounded by a protected national marine park, and just outside a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site, you have world class surfing & diving, and abundant sport fishing.

3 hours from Guam, the island is easily accessible from Pohnpei International Airport, just 35 minutes away.

Quality medical care available, free of malaria and dengue fever.

Fresh water supply right on the island.

Regional infrastructure to international standards.

US Dollar is the local currency, and English is the official language.

Free of import tax, also no tax on cars and yachts.

Very tolerant and welcoming government.

Rich cultural heritage.

Rich flora and fauna at your doorstep.

The nearby ancient monuments of spectacular Nan Madol, within swimming distance of the property, have inspired a number of world-class authors, novels and short stories.

A variety of Waterfalls & historical landmarks nearby.

Let’s make history and christen her “Satoshi Island”.

Contact seller for additional details on leasehold and land ownership laws in Micronesia.