Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry

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Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry Sun and Moon – Precision Metal Artistry

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Worlds of high-tech machining and art collide to bring you the precision metal artistry of dieter stahlwerx. Just as great sculptors wielded the tools of their trade to methodically remove marble to reveal hidden beauty, dieter stahlwerx uses the harnessed power of electricity to meticulously blast away stainless steel at a molecular level.

The result is a rare work of subtle, unadorned beauty combined with engineering mastery to create the impossibly perfect fit—a moon that slides into near invisibility inside the orb of a sun.

The space between the sun and its crescent insert is 5 microns. That’s 1/20th the size of the average human hair (100 microns) or 0.0002 inches. Put simply, the impossibly perfect fit has zero margin of error.

The process begins with hand sketched concepts, which are digitally rendered into thousands of lines of computer code. Then miles of conductive wire scarcely bigger than a human hair focus precision electrical charges to burn a rough path through a crude block of stainless steel. Additional sculpting with finer electrical current and engineering skill deliver an exacting precision unachievable by any other method.

The resulting piece is shaped and rendered, top to bottom, to bring out sublime details that, like shadows and light on a painting, are both manifest and mystifying. Sun and moon are then hand polished to a brilliant finish on both sides to bring out their luster and beauty.

Thirty years spent mastering the craft of machining and an artistic spirit combine to conceive and forge a truly unique and uncommon work of deceptive simplicity and near structural perfection.

(1) Sun Profile with Moon Cavity
(1) Moon Insert
(1) Black Granite surface protection plate (6” x 6”)

Title: Sun and Moon
Year Made: 2017
Size: 3.7” x 3.6” x 1.5” (Approximate overall size)
Medium: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Limited Edition

The included granite plate is intended for the protection of fine surfaces. The stainless steel pieces of your Precision Metal Artistry will scratch softer surfaces, including other metals. We recommend keeping your dieter stahlwerx pieces on the protective granite plate at all times.

Though made from stainless steel, the pieces of your Precision Metal Artistry should be treated with care. Keep the pieces clean and dust-free. Carefully place the insert into the insert cavity and gently rock the insert to get it started. When in place, gravity will pull the insert down into the cavity. Never press or force the insert into the cavity, which would damage the pieces. Dints or dings to the insert and/or cavity will nullify the precise fit of the pieces.

Clean gently with a clean micro-fiber cloth. Do not use any citrus, acid or solvent–based cleaners.

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