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Bitcoin has been the top currency in terms of market cap for a while now. Learn how to buy Bitcoin with these methods:

After purchasing Bitcoin, you may want to learn how to store it. Read our guide on Bitcoin hardware wallets.

Depending on which country you are from certain exchanges and payment methods can be used. Click your country to learn how to buy Bitcoin!


Ethereum is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Learn how to buy Ethereum here. Also check out our Ethereum wallet guide, where we cover your options for storing Ethereum securely.

Exchange Reviews

Depending on your situation, certain cryptocurrency exchanges will be better than others. More will be added soon, but check out our in-depth reviews on:

Fiat Exchanges

Fiat exchanges are the onboard ramp, allowing users to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Depending on your country, certain exchanges will be a better option.

Crypto to Crypto Exchanges

Crypto to crypto exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrencies with each other. The difference between these and the earlier mentioned exchange is that no fiat currencies are used at all!

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