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Bitpremier aims to help educate people of all backgrounds about cryptocurrency. Regardless of your experience, we have a guide for you!

How to Buy

Bitcoin has been the top currency in terms of market cap for a while now. Learn how to buy Bitcoin with these methods.

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Bank Account

Once you’ve chosen your exchange, look at the bottom for buying tutorials that include pictures and annotated step by step processes of buying Bitcoin with your bank account..

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Buying Bitcoin with Skrill is a somewhat popular method and can be done on a few European exchanges. The fees associated with this method are slightly higher than using a credit card or debit card, so consider using those if possible.

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Here’s the thing Buying Bitcoin with Paypal is somewhat difficult to do. The good thing is it is possible. There are two main ways to buy Bitcoin with a Paypal balance.

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Credit Card

How to buy Bitcoin with a cardBuying bitcoins via credit and debit cards is one of the most popular and convenient ways to purchase Bitcoin. There is a Thing though and I talk about it here.

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Country Guides

Bitpremier also features Bitcoin buying guides for the following countries:

Bitcoin News

After purchasing Bitcoin, you may want to learn how to store it. Here are Bitpremier’s wallet guides:

Best Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are by far the most secure option for keeping your valuable Bitcoin secure.

Trezor T Review and Setup Guide

Choosing from all the different cryptocurrency wallets out there can get confusing.

Ledger Nano X Wallet Review

The Ledger X is the newest addition to Ledger’s hardware wallets and provides a sleek yet simple way for anyone to store their cryptocurrency.